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Email from Matthieu Scherrer

                 Hi Jo

I met Jean Luc some weeks ago, first on the internet, and then
on the slope...
We discuss about DSing, in theory and practice.

I am quite a beginner in DS pactice, but I love it :-)
I did some years ago an excel sheet for simulating
DS run. Jean Luc compares it to his theory, my sheet
is more pessimistiv in some way, but the results looks
about the same.

I did also some calculation on the wake of a french slope
that work well for DSing, near Grenoble.
here are some screen shots.
this is stationnary caculation, that is this is the "mean
picture" of the flow.
what do you think about this ?
Does it correspond to what you experienced ??


Matthieu Scherrer - SUPAERO
e-mail :


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